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Medicine & Surgery

QCAH is here to offer your pet the most recent in preventive care, diagnostics and surgery.  Spay, neuter, dental, and other surgeries are available Monday, Tuesday, and Friday.  We can provide both in house and send-out diagnostics including bloodwork, imaging, urinalysis, etc. to help us stay on top of your pet's needs.  All annual preventive services such as vaccines, deworming, and heartworm testing are available as well.

We also provide large animal surgery and medicine, including outcall services and herd work, weather permitting.  These services need to be scheduled well in advance.

QCAH accepts spay/neuter certificates from local shelters.  However, these certificates may not cover the entire service.  The certificates do not cover any additional services unrelated to spay/neuter procedures.  If you have questions please call us at 256-389-1355.

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